2004 Toyota Highlander

Engine Performance problem
2004 Toyota Highlander 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 35,250 miles

Getting a code indicating it needs replacing. Sensor is a Bosch Part#15984. The sensor is made with what I would call a heat shield around it that won`t allow a sensor socket to get to the sensor`s 7/8`s nut. Is there a special thin walled sensor socket available

or did Toyota do this by design to force people to bring the car to a dealership because they have a special tool which is not available to the public ? Anyway I haven`t been able to find a sensor socket that will work in this application. They are all too thick walled. Thanks in advance.
July 15, 2008.

Yes there is a sensor socket made for the job! Don't even need to cut the wires.

Jul 15, 2008.
Merlin there are dozens of O2 sensor sockets available that could be used that wouldn`t require cutting wires if they would fit into the collar created by the sensor`s heat shield. A standard sensor socket won`t fit inside the collar. That`s the problem, not the wires.

Jul 16, 2008.
Try the snap on website or mac tools, if you need a thin walled or a special one they should have it!

Jul 18, 2008.