1999 Toyota Corolla

Engine Cooling problem
1999 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 93,000 miles

Hi, just had my car serviced, they did a new clutch, master brake cyl, flushed radiator & oil change. Car had been off the road for 3 years or so. When I got it back from mechanic I drove it about 3- 4 hours and then the check engine light came on, later it just totally overheated in the middle of manhattan traffic. The radiator was bone dry so I added almost a gallon of coolant and it seemed fine.

last couple times I took it out it runs fine when moving, even at high speeds on the highway. However, when idling or in traffic the engine temp quickly overheats, even on cool days. I checked for coolant leak and there isn't any pooling under car even when parked for a few days, so I don't think she has a leak. Which leaves the fan or T-stat what do you guys think?


September 16, 2008.

Hi PD,

Check the coolant level in the radiator again. There could be air pockets in the system when you top up the coolant.

A pressure test to check for leaks would be recommended.

Sep 20, 2008.