1998 Toyota Corolla

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 154000 miles

1998 Corolla has 154,000 miles and runs good. Lately it's been burning around 1 quart of oil every other week. Driving around 200 miles during the week. No visibile signs of an oil leak from the engine or below the car (no oil spots). No smoke from muffler when running. Any other ideas?
Mr. Tyler
September 7, 2008.

It doesn't have to be a visable cloud of smoke to burn oil. If it is not leaking, it is burning it.

I would have a compression test performed, see if you have bad ring(s).
Check the plugs for an ash color, which would indicate oil burning.

Sep 8, 2008.