1988 Toyota Corolla • 120,000 miles

I have a 1988 corolla 4A-F engine. It has been leaking oil from the crankshaft seal for almost a year. I have left it go, as oil loss not that great but a big oily mess in right wheel area. The belts are starting to get oily now so I need to do something. Last week the low oil pressure light is flickering on at low RPM and idle. My question is: can a very bad oil seal cause a low oil pressure or do I now have a bad oil pump? It looks like the oil pump is right behind seal, driven off crank but I am having trouble getting the oil pan down because of 2 screws located above engine support cross member.
August 16, 2013.

It depends on how much oil is leaking. If you let it go it was always low on oil which isn't good for the bearing s so yo mayhave worn a bearing out in front causing your low oil pressure. However it could be a bad oil filter as well and the best thing is to put a good oil filter on it. And make sure oil is full then see if it does it of course this is including fixing oil seal leakage as well. I only recommend napa, Purolator, bosch and wix filters

Aug 16, 2013.
Thanks Hmac,
I will try an oil change and see what happens. I do not beleive that I let the oil level get to low although the car does have high mileage. One time I let the oil get a little below add but oil presure light did not come on. I guess I should check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge just to check that the sender is not out of calibration. I would think that the sender would fail one way or the other and not just go out of calibration.
Jim L

Aug 18, 2013.