1996 Toyota Camry

Steering problem
1996 Toyota Camry Automatic

I have a slow leak in my power steering. I have been added fluids to the car every 2 weeks. I took it in to the shop today and first they told me that everything was leaking the oil, power steering, radiator and also the trasmission. Then I was told that I had too must oil on the bottom of the car and they had to clean it to be able to tell me pinpoints $50.

Now after that they told me that the power steering in leaking from the Rack and pinion and I need it replace est. $900. Do that should right? I heard the tech tell someone else that he couldn't pinpoint were the power steering was leaking so I would have to replace the whole thing.

Also they said that the valve cover to the gasket was leaking oil est. $170? I haven't noticed any oil leaks is that uncommon? Could this be something I can do on my own?

And lastly he told me that me Constant-velocity axle on the front driver side needs to be replaced it has a tear in it est cost $280. Do that sound about right?

I was layed off in October and I start a new job on Monday and I wanted to get the car in good working order but at this time I don't have the money to get it repaired. What can I do.

January 23, 2009.

Its all about the right, give or take a little
if you don't have the money for it know do what is important
I would start with the axle
keep on adding fluid until you are in a better shape to get it fix or take another step
good luck

Jan 24, 2009.
IF you have any knowledge of Cars then yes you could replace the valve cover. Granted this a difficult task because if its not done right then your looking at some serious maintenance. BIG BUCKS! But I suggest if you wanna save a couple of dollars then buy the repair manual and follow it to the letter. As for your rack and pinion question. I seriously suggest you get a couple more opinions and shop around. I'm sure you could find someone cheaper than that.

Apr 23, 2009.