1996 Toyota Camry

Engine problem
1996 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 149800 miles

My Camry (1996 LE four door) has a stalling problem when you accelerate too fast or go onto the highway. It's not while your driving, but when you go to stop. The car's RPMs will drop really hard and the slower you get, the engine will slowly sputter out. The rpm goes down to 200 and the car shakes a lot. The car will then struggle for a few moments to stay on and bounce between 200 and 500 rpm before finally shutting off and displaying the check engine light and the oil light. Then, I just put the car in park and start it while giving it some gas and it starts up and runs fine.

It all started after I accidentally skimmed a large puddle and was particularly bad in wet weather for a while.

I had a mechanic look at it and they replaced the distributor cap and wires saying they were bad and causing it, but it returned the next day.

I noticed that when I avoid the highway and keep the rpms below 3000 when driving, it doesnt happen. I also put the a/c on if I think it's idling too low to keep it running.

My research has led me to believe it's either a dirty EGR valve or a bad fuel filter.

The car has 149,800 miles with new spark plugs and I just got an oil change.

Please help, thanks!
February 8, 2008.

I too have the same problem with my 1996 toyota camry. I have also read various posts on the internet about the same problems with this year/model.

What happens to my 1996 camry is sometimes when I hit the brakes the cars rpm's start to fluctuate up and down rapidly. More downward then up, as if it is having a hard time keeping the idle. Then if I dont step on the accelorator to give it gas and get the rpm's up, it will stall. So sometimes I find myself at a stoplight with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas to keep the rpms steady and from dropping and stalling. Lately the car is doing this more often. Everything else on the car runs great.

I have tried to have it fixed by 2 differant mechanics. They both didnt know exactly what the problem was but one who is a friend of my family and very honest tried to clean out the fuel injectors, change some plugs, change the idle rpms. None of this worked. His computer also read " multiple missfires" from the code from my cars check engine light. The other mechanic said the problem was a cold start valve, he changed this on my car but it was not the answer. All that did was have the car start great but still having the same prob

PLEASE HELP: I know this is a common problem with this car from what I have been reading. CAN SOMEBODY WHO HAS FIXED OR CORRECTED THIS PROBLEM OR KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE TELL US HOW?


Mar 1, 2008.
May be the coil in the distributer, it has been noted by others, you need to also replace the little o ring. Use a genuine toyota coil. Let me know, I will be changing mine soon.

Mar 20, 2008.
I have this exact problem with my Camry. And I have looked on this forum and found 3 others with same post. But no solid solution.

Best response I have found is this one that it may be the distributor coil.

I replaced mine and it didn't seem to fix the problem. However, I bought a used one and didn't replace the small o-ring which is required per repair instructions. I may have replaced my problem with another problem. I don't want to go through this again if this isn't the cause of the issue.

Hopefully an answer will arise on these threads soon.

Apr 5, 2008.
Apparently may be an issue with toyota, probably best to clean it, Toyota seems to have quality problems with this part.

Apr 5, 2008.
Hey did anybody figure out what was causing the car to stall? My 96 camry is doing the exact same thing now. I drive it on the highway and when I stop or slow down the rpms will jump from 500-700 then to 0 and stall out. It only happens after driving on the highway and doesn't happen all the time. I had the spark plug wires changed and the throttle body cleaned, I then drove the car cross country and the car only stalled once after 2k miles of driving. It is now doing it more and more.

Nov 6, 2009.
Please help

May 30, 2011.