1992 Toyota Camry

My husband and I purchased a '92 Camry XLE V6 from a private party about a year ago. We thought we got a good deal at $3000 because the car was in great condition and only had 50K miles on it. The car overall has been fine, but the problem is the horrible smell that we cannot get rid of. It is not gas or anything that " died" in the car. I first described it as an " old man's hair cream", but my father described it as a petroleum based smell. We have had it professionally cleaned in and out, had the engine looked at to see if anything was leaking, and cannot find the source of the smell. We were told that it may be the plastic that was used in the '92 models. We've tried everything and can't get rid of the smell. We're ready to dump the thing. HELP!
August 29, 2007.

You sure its not antifreeze?

Aug 29, 2007.