1992 Toyota Camry

1992 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 218 k miles

so my car is leakin oil real bad and I need to take it to get it fixed but I dont want to just take it in and not know what im talkin about.
i can drive about 90 miles on a quart of oil or a day and a half whichever comes first. Its leaking all over the engine and it smells horrible. I just replaced the oil filter the beginning of march but beyond that I dont know what else it could be.

also its using coolant very quickly I dont know if its leaking or burning but I had the radiator, radiator cap and water pump replaced. What is the next part to look at replacing?
April 19, 2009.


if my guess is right. Your problem is the valve cover gasket/pcv grommet. Overtime those things i've mention loose their their tightness. Regarding the coolant. Have you tried to make a pressure test on your rad? Kindly look at your oil dip stick for milky color. If that is so. Either you have a blown head gasket. By doing a pressure test, you will see easily where the coolant is leaking. Rad hoses, by pass hose, heater hose, water pump etc.

Hope my suggestion will help you on your problem.


Apr 19, 2009.