1987 Toyota 4Runner

Engine Mechanical problem
1987 Toyota 4Runner 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

We installed a new fuel pump in gas tank. WE can only get the truck started by pooring a little gas on air filter. It will run briefly. We do not hear fuel pump running. There is a electical plug connection near therear of the tank and close to passenger side of truck, checked it and made sure it was good and tight. Still no fire. Can not find a fuse or a fusable link. The thing can't be getting signal to run. I donot have a volt meter. Any suggestions?
December 18, 2009.

Find the check connector and jumper Batt to Fp terminal on it and attempt to start. Let me know

Dec 19, 2009.
Found a volt meter. Everything Ohms out good. Ranwire from battery to FP, came right on sent fuel up to inlet side of fuel filter. Darn thing still wont start. Gave up for the day. Not sure what to think or do next.

Dec 20, 2009.
Have helper crank engine over and listen to the injectors are they clicking/pulsing

Dec 21, 2009.