1993 Honda Civic • 211,000 miles

I'm hearing this noise consistently when driving my car. It's of course more noticeable when I driving next to a divider wall but I can usually hear it faintly even when I am in the open. So the following are the times when I hear this noise.

1. From a decently high rpm (3K+), when I let go of the gas pedal.
2. Every time I rev and let go of the gas pedal to shift to the next gear (very similar situation as #1)
3. Under load (going uphill or low rpm in a gear), the harder I press on the gas the more I hear this noise.

It sounds like a high pitch tick. I though it was pinging at first but I'm not sure. I don't know if I can capture this noise well in the car with all the other noises (road, engine, tire)

If anyone can give me a clue as to what this may be, I would appreciate it.

May 19, 2013.

Have the motor checked for an internal failure. It may be a lifter, rod or main bearing


May 19, 2013.
Thanks for your response. Selling may have determined what it could have been.
On my way up from LA, my car suddenly died while I was driving on the freeway. It was as though someone just pulled the plug. I tried changing gears thinking one of the gears wore out but I realized that the engine stopped running.

After a couple of painful days, I found out that the timing belt snapped. It was a repair I have meant to get to but had not found the time for over a year with a lot of miles adding up on the car.

Anyway I feared the worst thinking the valves were bent and I would have to say bye to my car. I took a chance and had it repaired hoping for a miracle. Luck was on my side and I was spared any valve damage, at least nothing that the mechanic or I could notice. It's actually running very well..

Now on to my point. I don't hear the ticking-like noise during acceleration or deceleration. Does a worn timing belt cause such a noise? What cause the noise?


Jun 26, 2013.