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I have a 1995 subaru outback legacy that needs a new starter. I know for sure that the starter needs replacing and I am hoping to do it myself. I just need to know how. Can anyone help?
November 8, 2006.

Disconnect neg. Batt. Cable, pull out spare tire,
the starter about the size of a beer can will be visible on the rear near top of engine(bell housing) loosen the nut's holding the wires from the rear of the solenoid(smaller cylinder on top of starter) put wires aside unbolt 2 long bolts holding starter in,
Reverse procedure to install new one.

Mar 18, 2007.
Actually the starter contacts will be the only thing you need will save you huge money over the whole starter. And its not that big of a job once the starter is out. On a 95 legacy dont look for the spare tire under the hood as its in the rear of the car. If your car has an Auto trans the lower starte NUT is accessed from below. And you will need a long extension a wobbly and a 14mm socket. The rest is pretty easy. Make sure the battery is disconected. And the starte comes out the top on an auto trans car while you carefully manouver it around the heater hoses and ac hoses if equiped if its an manual take it out the bottom and save the hassle of the hoses

Mar 19, 2007.