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I am experiencing and intermittent problem with my automatic transmission. Under light acceleration between 2nd and 3rd gear my vehicle will rev up at around 2,000RPMs up to about 3,000 then shift in to 3rd and drop back down to a normal RPM speed. Under normal to harsh acceleration the vehicle experiences no problem at all. If I slam down the pedal it drop shifts fine and accelerates hard. From a standing start under hard accelerations it runs through the gears with no issues. I only experience this issue under gentle acceleration between 2nd and 3rd. I checked the transmission fluid and it appear clean and serviceable. I have had this car since Jan 28 2006. I installed a stage 1 shift KIT for automatics from in hopes of it correcting the issue but alas no effect. Please information provided will be most helpful.

Vehicle: 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L
Engine: 3.3l H6
Automatic trans (on it second one)
Tad over 150,000 miles

Thank you,

P.S. I am unsure if this matters or not, personally I think it may be a completely different vehicle issue. When I place the automatic transmission into gear D1 or D2 and press the accelerator I will hear and audible clunk, then after releasing the peddle I hear the clunk again, but kind of like it was clunking backwards? Sounds was in reverse but still like a clunk. If I tap the peddle it goes clunk, unclunck; clunk unclunk; etc for as many times I tap to accelerator. I don’t think it has to deal with the top problem but I though it worthy to note incase I am in error.
April 3, 2006.

This time the evil which of the north crept into your tranny. A subaru does not like shift kits because it pputs too much pressure on the internal parts of an older tranny.

A good mechanic should replace/repair the tranny and leave out the shift kit! Not an cheap job. Maybe you can find a good used one. Good luck

Apr 3, 2006.
The problem your experiencing is due to your brake band needing adjusted and nothing more. It is a very simple fix.
As for the shift kit, The smallcar unit is a piece of junk that is not helping you at all. My company offers a shift kit that does it the right way and will leave you one happy SVX owner.
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Feb 5, 2009.
Wow, I missed the date this was made.
But either way, your guy got it COMPLETELY wrong with saying the tranny needed replaced. How ridiculous.

Feb 5, 2009.