2000 Toyota Van • 122,000 miles

Having problems starting my hiace 2.5d lwb powervan in the mornings from cold. The engine turns over many times almost to the point of flattening the battery, only had the van 2 weeks, both my previous hiaces made a click when the plugs had warmed up, you turned the keys and they started instantly, no such sign from this one, amI doing something wrong?
May 15, 2013.

Something is wrong with your van. Check the fuel delivery return and supply hoses for leakages. Look out for signs of fuel stains.

Any air getting into the system would result in difficult starting after prolonged parking.

Try priming the fuel by mechanically pumping the fuel pump to test if it is easier to start.

Check the glow plugs. The relay might be working to supply glow plugs but if the glow plugs are bad, they would not help to preheat the engine.

May 15, 2013.