2004 Scion xB

Electrical problem
2004 Scion xB 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

When attempting to put gas in the tank, the pump just shuts off. I had to slowly (cents at a time) add gas, just barely squeezing the handle on the nozzle. If I added at a normal rate, the pump kicked off, gas overflowed from the fuel tank spout.
Upon starting the car, the CEL, VLC and " track off" light came on. I drove home, disconnected the battery to reset codes and drove for a day or 2 until lights came on again.
Took it to auto parts store for code reading-read a code stating something about purge control valve. The guy wasn't sure so another came out to check it. Lights were off and no code was read.
Car runs slightly differently when lights are on- when cruising up to a stop light, the engines almost wants to stall-it did on one occasion. When the dash lights were off, no problem.
September 29, 2010.

Hi RR2010,

Thank you for the donation.

What was the EXACT trouble codes retrieved?

Problem is due to a fault in the EVAP system and the exact trouble code is required to understand the problem and proceed with diagnostics and rectification.

Code should be stored in PCM unless it has been erased. Get the codes read again and let me know the EXACT trouble code.M A description does not help as different scanners would give different descriptions.

Sep 29, 2010.
Code was P0441. Car has been running fine for a few days-lights remain on. Again, issue started when car could not be fueled at a normal rate.

Oct 1, 2010.
P0441 = Evaporative Emission Control System.

The trouble code would cause the symptoms described and the diagnostic file is rather large and too complicated to be posted here. I will send the files by email to you so you can proceed with trouble shooting.

Oct 1, 2010.