1996 Saturn SC2

Brakes problem
1996 Saturn SC2 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 60,000 miles

When I pull the emergency brake full-on, the car will still roll easily. Where do I locate the cable adjustment linkage?
The car burns blue on start-up only. Not noticeable at all when driving or shifting gears. Does it need new rings? How much would that cost approx?
March 20, 2010.

On ur ebrake I would adjust ur rear brakes up first that will help ur ebrake work better and help with the adjustment. Then take the philps screw out of ur ebrake handle cover remove the cover there is a 10mm adjusting nut on the end of the cable that's ur adjustment. When the the ebrake stops clicking at 5 clicks then it's adjusted properly. As far as ur blue smoke on start up that sounds like bad valve stem seals.U can try adding Lucas oil treatment next oil change that should help let me know how it goes.

Mar 20, 2010.
As you suggested, I removed both rear wheels and manually adjusted the brake shoes. I guess the auto clicker wasn't working very well and I adjusted the slack two (2) full turns on the wheel. Emg. Brake is now full-on at seven (7) clicks. I'll leave it there for now and may set it a little tighter in a few weeks. Thanks a lot.

Mar 22, 2010.