1995 Saturn SC1

Engine Performance problem
1995 Saturn SC1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 167000 miles

i used fuel injecto cleaner and filled my tank. Now its idleing at 2500 rpm and stays in that area even after it warms up. Should I try a new oxygen sensor.
October 21, 2010.

Was the problem present before you tried your concoction?

I would look for a vacuum leak first.

After using stp fuel injector cleaner and filling my tank the car started to idle at about 2500rpm and stayed that way after warm up. Should I try replacing the oxygen sensor.

Oct 21, 2010.
I wouldn't replace the o2 sensor unless there is good reason. I doubt the STP treatment is related.

Should check for codes, if none present I would next look for a vacuum leak. I have seen the engine coolant temperature sensor cause odd things like this as they crack.

I cleaned the oxygen sensor and it runs smoothly now

Oct 23, 2010.
Good News.I really wouldn't have expected it. Must have been one heck of a lot of carbon.

I have a hard time assuming that because x happened that is is related to y. This was truley related.