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I have a 2001 SL Saturn, 1.9L, 65K. I am about to have both fron brake rotors replaced, however I am not sure if every rotor change have to be accompanied by a brake pads change. Is this a rule? Will it depend of the condition of them? At which point pads have also to be changed when changing rotors? Thank you.
September 28, 2007.

This is a debated issue. My personal belief is to do them together and also to clean and adjust the rear brakes at the same time. I think it gives you the best scenario of maximum surface area for stopping thus decreasing your braking distance.

Thank you for the answer. But is there a fact like " different curvatures" between new rotor and an old pad, that support your belief? Just to know, since this is what I heard from the dealership. For sure what you say is logic in terms of best performance, then I will do it.

Sep 28, 2007.
There is a mating relationship problem by intermixing the two. Unless the rotor was free of defects, the pad wear will be affected in it's geometry. If the rotor was free of defects. You wouldn't be replacing it.

You don't need to go to the dealer for this. There are plenty of independent shops that can service you.

Pretty clear. Thanks a lot.

Sep 29, 2007.