2003 Saturn Other

35,000 miles; 3.0 V-6 engine; AWD

My wife came home from work Monday, 5 Feb, 2006 complaining of seeing smoke and a burning smell in the car. I popped the hood and found engine oil sprayed about the front and dripping onto the floor.

My Saturn dealer claims that due to our recent/current below zero weather, condensation from the oil settled in the PCV valve, froze and caused the PCV valve hose to burst as well as blowing out the cam cover gasket(s).

Does this seem plausible? If so, what might contribute to this problem?
February 8, 2007.

Well, unless I'm missing something, the pcv valve and hose has vaccum, not pressure.

However there is a camshaft seal that tears out in extremley cold weather due to the crankshaft seal freezing to the harmonic balancer.

Use part number 82584041 to replace it.


Wow, I've never had this sort of a problem. I hope it's not a tri-annual event. If I didn't have the extended warranty I'd be looking a a $400+ repair.

This comes on the heels of having to have the thermostat replaced a couple months ago. Another would be $400 repair.

I wonder if the root of the problem is the English manufactured Eco-twin engine? I might have to peddle my Vue before the extended warranty expires.

Thanks for your input. Donation forthcoming if and when I finallyfind out WHAT was actually wrong and when I get the vehicle back (theyv'e had it for 3 days now).


Feb 8, 2007.
Hey Jak,

It is by far cheaper to drive a car you own than to keep replacing it. Plan on $.15/mile to budget for maintenance and repairs, or $.50/mile for one with a payment plan.

The seal is a revised one that "should " eliminate the problem.

I visited the dealer today to see for myself what the heck is going on. They insist the problem involves the PCV valve & hose; condensation and freezing temps.

Blew out the cam cover gaskets which they don't have in stock. They said they will re-route the PCV hose differently to prevent the problem.

That's their story and they're sticking to it. I've never heard of such a thing though and I've been driving for 50 years.


Feb 9, 2007.
04-06-01-009a is the TSB that defines your problem. Ask them to look it up and describe it to you.

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