2006 Saturn Ion

Electrical problem
2006 Saturn Ion 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 57000 miles

hello, i've got a question about my saturns power window control on my drivers door. A few day ago I was driving to work and my windows wouldnt roll down, using the power control on my drivers door, if I reached across to the passanger door the control there works just fine. For a while if I opened and closed my door the control would start working again, making me think it was some kind of short. Today I removed my door panel and took a look to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary, i'm not much of a mechanic, but everything seems to be in order. (Except there are 4 wires running to the window lock control and only 3 prongs to plug the box into. But I dont think that would effect the ability to roll the windows up and down. Of the four wires the one that doenst connect to a prong is Light Grey, if that helps at all.)
any suggestions on what the problem may be? I'd rather not have to take it in if its something I can do myself, i've already had to put more into this car then its worth. Thanks! - Runestone

also, I just discovered the back windows dont work from there power controls either, I know they were working after the drivers door control had stopped working. I believe what may have happened is I locked them with my control while it was working and now that the control doesnt work they are locked.
March 15, 2010.

If u can open and close the door and make the windows work and not work from ur drivers switch I would suspect the wires in ur drivers side wire boot the goes from ur drivers door to the body of the car I have seen them
break inside the wires insulation on the LS model saturns from opening and closing the drivers door over time. Grab that boot and wiggle the wires around and see if u can get that switch to work and not work by doing that. Let me know what u find.

Mar 15, 2010.
Well I wigled the boot around for a few minutes with no luck. Also slamming my car door doesnt seem to work anymore either. I was reading on another site of someone cutting open the boot so they can see the wires, but then they had to do something to the boot to make it have a water tight seal again, should I be thinking about doing that?

Mar 16, 2010.
I would check all the wires in the door moving them around while holding one of the buttons to watch for the window starting to work.U might have to cut open the boot but let's not do that yet check the other wires in the door and we will talk about checking open the boot. Let me know what u find?

Mar 17, 2010.