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1995 saab 9000 aero engine turns wont start half tank of gas ? Idk where do I start without paying a saab tech to guess? Can I narrow it down or even fix myself? Please be desriptive im a lil thick thank you endebted to you
February 17, 2007.

U've got some kinda fuel ctrl problem.I am 100% sure that a real tech doesn't repair or diagnose car problem by guessing. At least we don't in our shop. They pin point ur problem by understanding how a system work, listen to ur complaints, test drive and verify the symptoms, process of elimination by testing then perform repairs and verfy repair. Diagnose problems is whats mechanic all about. Hanging parts are the easiest thing. To pin point and tell u the problem is the mechanic. So. To answer ur questions. Yes u can fix ur car urself with enuff equipments, training and info.95' cars are pretty much out of most owner capabilty for reapiring compare to the 70's. If u can't fix a tv set from the 70's-80's. Pretty much u can't fix a 90's tv or a car. Good luck

Kin chan
Feb 22, 2007.