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I bought Saab 9000 that was said to have a " locked Engine" when I got the car home I inspected in and found no signs of a locked engine. So I bought a new battery and hooked it up. The car clicked every time I turned the ignition and on about the 15th try it turned over, but did not fire. Every time I try it clicks 15-20 times than will turn over. If I keep the key turned and continue to turn the car over it will stop on its own after about 5-10 seconds. And than the process starts all over again. Just wondering if anyone had an idea of what it could be. Thanks
November 9, 2006.

Have you checked the fuel pump?

I have not. How do I Check that?

Nov 11, 2006.
Get yourself a haynes repair manual (like 15$ at car store) there are steps in it to do this. Plus if I am wrong there are maintanance steps in it that will help you fix the problem.

Ok I will look for one. Both of my local car parts stores did not have any repair books for my car.

Nov 13, 2006.