1995 Rover 2 Series

Electrical problem
1995 Rover 2 Series 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

battery has been changed in key fog and directions followed to re set handset, immobiliser failing to turn off
December 31, 2009.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Remove the keyfob battery for 2 minutes .. re-insert the battery and within 30 seconds press and hold the lock or unlock button .. you must do this within 30 seconds of re-inserting battery so do not try and replace the cover untill button is pressed and the keyfob is working ..

There is a 4 digit bypass code listed in the vehicles handbook which you input using the drivers door lock and ignition key ..if you do not have the handbook a dealer should be able to supply the code if you supply the vehicles VIN number ...your only other option is to have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer at a dealer and have the car and keyfob reprogrammed back together

Hope this helps

Dave H
Dec 31, 2009.