1996 Pontiac Sunfire

Brakes problem
1996 Pontiac Sunfire 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125365 miles

The rear brakes lock up intermidantly, I have inspected them, found nothing out the ordinary, no fluid leaking in drums. I backed off the adjustment. This stopped them from locking up untill the self adjusters did thier job, than back to the same problem. Can you help?
Adam faris
September 20, 2009.

When I had this problem on the rear passenger wheel, one side of the wheel cylinder had corroded. Subsequently, instead of both shoes traveling / expanding equally only one side was moving. The one shoe was effectively traveling twice the amount it should because the volume of brake fluid was displacing only one brake shoe. This caused the wheel to grab / lock up. After driving a short while heat would seem to expand the components releasing the stuck side of the wheel cylinder allowing the brakes to function. I replaced the wheel cylinder for about $10 from O'Reilly Auto Parts

Feb 21, 2012.