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2003 pontiac grand an with an L61(2.2L ecotec) with a getrag M86(5 speed manual) died when I pressed the clutch. It restarted but ran poorly. When I went to back in to a parking sopt it died once again. I replaced the coil pack, ignition control module, and the crank sensor and it still wont start. I've ruled out the fuel pump because it has fuel pressure. Im not sure how much exactly though?
May 3, 2007.

I have a grand prix equipped with a 3800 series II and were experiencing the same problems. I decided, after 2 mechanics, wasted money, changing out the crank sensor, fuel pump, and cam sensor, to take it to the dealer. My car didn't have any service engine faults and highly recommend taking it to the dealer for a diagnostic because it could be any number of things. The dealer determined in my case that the mass air flow sensor had gone bad.

May 5, 2007.
Unfortunately me car isnt equipted with a MAF sensor. My car has a MAP sensor and its working correctly.

*update on car*
compression 185-225psi

cyl#1 60psi
cyl#2 62psi
cyl#3 90psi
cyl#4 85psi

fuel presseure(KOEO)50-60psi

May 5, 2007.