Pontiac Grand Am

Newbie, first post here!
I have a problem with a gas smell in the interior of my 1996 Grand Am GT. When I start it and have the heaterr/defroster on, It smells pretty bad, (gas smell). When I start to move, the smell subsides and I really can't smell it. Anyone tell me what the problem may be. Thanks
February 14, 2007.

Hey guy it sounds like you have a leak, you didnt metion engine but its a 3.1 or 3.4 check around the injectors which are very ard to see, make sure the fuel port is not leaking, there is something going on under there and we need your help to isolate the problem a little more this could be damgerous if you keep driving it like it is,

let me know what you find


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Feb 25, 2007.
I have a 2004 Pontiac, Grand Am, with the V6 3400 SVI with 50200 miles. When idling and driving at low speeds with the vent on the smell of exhaust comes through the vent. As speed increases (0-25mph) the smell is weaker until it is non-existent (25mph). Is this something that is recurrent with this model? What are some of the possible causes? Thanks.

Oct 14, 2007.