1996 Pontiac Grand Am

Electrical problem
1996 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 191800 miles

While driving the other day my instrument cluster just gave out. All the analog guages went to zero and my warning lights came on. After nursing it back home I found while driving some warning lights would go off and others just stay on. The gas, and temperature guages sometimes go wildly up then to zero.

I got a used cluster from a reputable scrap yard but with 60K more km on the system.
After removing the old unit I plugged in the one I just bought but before starting the car I turned the key to only power the dash. This was to see if the unit worked. They did and still do, but

As I tried to start the car, it turns over once then stops. I re-installed the old unit and the car runs, I even went as far as installing the cluster I purchased, disconnecting the positive lead from the battery for about 20 minutes, and still the car will not start.

Any suggestions?

June 10, 2008.

Check battery, alternator and connections under the hood, pos,neg, and to starter , for corrosion or looseness. also check this out if you need help testing.:

Jun 10, 2008.