1991 Plymouth Acclaim

Engine Performance problem
1991 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 45000 miles

When driving the car before the car gets to operating temperature, the car has essentially no acceleration no matter how much I press the accelerator. It is sorta like the old days when I forgot to pull out the manual choke on a cold day.

In addition, I only get about 110 miles on a 12 gallon tank of gas.
May 17, 2010.

Ok so lets see what we can do here. Do you have a digital multi meter? If so then when the car is cold (before you start it) ohm the Temp sensor, just simply unplug it and ohm it. Now get back to me with the ohms and the air temp at the time you test it. Also check the air filter make sure it isn't dirty. Also how long has it been sense it had a tune up ie: plugs cap rotor and wire? Get back to me and we will go from there.

May 18, 2010.
Where is the Temp Sensor?

May 26, 2010.
Ok it is near or on the thermostat housing. It will have a two wire connector to it. Simply unplug it and do this when the engine is cold and get me the ohms and the air temp at the time you test it. With that I will look up the specs to see if it is good or not.

May 27, 2010.
I had a local mechanic check it out. He replaced the Oxygen Sensor and the car runs fine, now.

May 31, 2010.
Wow thats funny if the coolant temp sensor checked out good that was the next test we were going to do. Anyway thats great that it is doing fine. If you have any other questions just ask.

Jun 1, 2010.