2002 Peugeot 307

Transmission problem
2002 Peugeot 307 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

Dear Sir,

I get automatic gear fault alarm when I press acceleration quitly. Engine rpm goes high gear not shifting to higher position.
What I have done to get back to normal gear position is I switch key to off position while car still run then again I put key to on position. Imidiatedely rpm goes littly high and back to normal. Now car running normal with gear position on normal. It can determait from engine noise.
The problem will coming back if we speed up after speed slow down.
It the problem relative to selinoid control system or gear itself? I have tried ti replaced gear oil but problem remain existing.

Best regard
Agus M
Agus miardi
March 7, 2009.

Have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer to locate where the fault lies !

Dave H
Mar 12, 2009.
The car have admited to company garage but no detai aboat computer checking. They asking to pull down gear.
Additional info after took to another garage to replaced gear oil and oil qauntity was only less then 1/2 liter color was very black and dark.
Than I replace oil gear with new 4 liter but the problem appeared same automatic gear fault.
I hopefully the problem on selenoid/sensor but no any machanic advice me about that one. How to diognosa and replace selenoit or sensor

a miardi

Agus miardi
Mar 14, 2009.
A diagnostic check on the cars computer should be able to locate where the fault lies .. whether it is in the controls to the gearbox .. or in a solonoid/sensor/valve in the gearbox ... you need to have the car plugged into peugot's diagnostic software and this should locate where the fault lies !!


Dave H
Mar 14, 2009.