1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

Engine Performance problem
1995 Oldsmobile Achieva Automatic 151k miles

i've been having a recent problem with my acheiva.
i'll be driving and the car will tremor/shake and the engine light will come on. Sometime after that the car will either
a. Die and not restart
b. I'll turn it off and it will not restart

when it dies the hot temp light and the oil light comes on.
i have oil in my car and the coolant is full. I think its somehow overheating tho.
this problem usually occurs after driving for 15-20 minutes or when I hit about 60-65 mph
February 5, 2010.

I would think the lights are coming on as a bulb check, like when you turn your ignition key to run position. What do you have to do for it to restart, let it cool for a bit? You can get it to flash codes by jumping pins a and b at the diagnostic connector. Count the flashes of the light and let's see what code is present. And on your reply, give the engine size.

Feb 6, 2010.