Nissan 240SX

1990 Nissan 240sx 151000 miles.
Ive been having a problem with my car overheating and losing coolant. I filled my radiator three days ago after the car overheated and it did it again this evening. I bought a thermostat and will replace it but im concerned it may be something else. It doesnt leave any fluid where I park at night and theres no indication of coolant in my oil. What could this be?
December 15, 2006.

Hey drip,
Definitely get that t-stat in ASAP. Also after you have drained the cooling system, inspect inside the radiator for deposits ans clogged tubes. After you complete the work, ensure the t-stat has opened (feel the upper radiator hose) and the vehicle is not overheating BEFORE you drive it. Let us know!


Dec 16, 2006.