1993 Ford Tempo • 194,000 miles

While driving my car it will be running fine then all of a sudden the motor will shut off. After it has stalled it will not crank again it will turn over but will not crank. After around an hour or so it will crank and run good again sometimes not for long and sometimes for days I have changed the fuel filter several times and it does not help the fuel pump is fine I'm at the end of my rope what might it be
April 24, 2013.

Go to the parts store and by a can of starting fluid. When it stalls open the air cleaner box and spray in the intake. If it starts the fuel pump is bad. It doesn't start than it is something electrical. We can start here

Apr 24, 2013.
Thanks for the tip but have checked not fuel pump. Pretty sure it's electric but what would cause this random shut down that is ok after a little while the engine runs good not missing plenty of power and it just will shut off

Apr 24, 2013.
Please do what I have asked. Then we can start to chase our tails thank you

Apr 26, 2013.
"Buy a can of starting fluid and When it stalls open the air cleaner box and spray in the intake."

Presumably you have to be driving with a passenger (is this a 2 person job?)
What if you are alone?
I have the same problem with my 90 tempo (180 000 kms).
Is is possible to hear the whirling sound of the fuel pump when I turn the key on and for the fuel pump still not be working properly?
I replaced the fuel filter and checked the fuel pump by leaving the supply hose in a glass jar that I could see filling while turning the key on.
I have a shraeder valve on the fuel Rail (no guage to test ) and there seems to be >50 psi (based on the spray pressure - guessing of course) in the Rail.

Can I now presume it is something electrical?
I am getting spark at the cylinders.
Any ideas/suggestions?


chris2009taylor@yahoo. Ca

Jun 20, 2013.
The purpose of the spray is to see if you are losing the injectors. When it quits just spray the throttle body if it starts the injectors are not working. Spray it then get in and start it.

Jun 21, 2013.