1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Electrical problem
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 97,000 miles

99 Eclipse - Non- Turbo 2.0. I recently replaced the piston rings and rod bearings in my car. I also replaced the head gasket and all related parts and gaskets needed for this job. I had my son torque the head while at work. He failed to follow and water and oil mixed. I drained and redid the head, all fine now. I drove to seal everything up and car cut off on me. It turns over but now will not fire. All fuses are working. I did a check on the wires leading to the ignition coil and found no power was reaching it. We did no electrical work and reallly canont find why this is happening. Everything checks out fine. What do you think? Battery is brand new. All other wires are getting power as required by the repair book.
October 14, 2008.

Do this get a jumper wire hook it up on the battery positive terminal take the other end straight to coil positive terminal and attempt to start. Don't worry about the idiot lights on the dash-Did it start?

Or you can test out the ASD relay it powers the coil

Oct 14, 2008.
I will certainly try that first thing in the morning (about 50 miles from the car right now). Also I checked the Fuel Pump Relay nd the ASD. The fuel pump relay cheked fine. The asd was a litte different. I did a voltage test. From 4-6 I get 10.2 volts and from 2-8 I get the 12 volts. Thats only on the ASD relay. On the fuel pump relay, I get 12 volts from 2-8 and 0 volts from 4-6.

I am now thinking about driving to the car to test your suggestion I am anxious to see if that works.

Lastly, on the 3 leads on the coil which one is positive? I cannot find that info, not even in the book.


Oct 14, 2008.