1997 Mercury Tracer

Transmission problem
1997 Mercury Tracer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

The car will crank, but when push in the brake to put in gear, will not go, gear shift want move at all. Not sure if Im even getting the side button to go in all the way, What could be causing these problems.

May 13, 2008.

Your brake lights are they working? If so get the shift interlock system checked out.

May 14, 2008.
I had the exact same problem just a few months ago, I ended up stuck at the local wal-mart for sometime. I could be wrong here but my problem turned out to be a bad brake switch.

As the other poster said check your brake lights if they don't light it's possible is your brake switch? If they do light it could always be the solenoid that controls the stick release? You could always (if you haven't already) look at your stick console (see attached image), to the top right there should be a small square section that can be popped off. Take it off with a small screwdriver or knife then use a thin screwdriver or anything thin enough and long enough to fit (thinner than a pencil) poke it through the hole and press down until you hear it release then try to release the stick out of park and into Neutral. The sound of the release should be the same click sound you hear when you put your foot on the break that should now be missing. If this works drive it to the local shop and have em check it out for you.

Like I said I could be wrong here but just in case I'm posting! In my case I paid $30 for a new switch and to have it installed properly.

Good Luck!!

May 16, 2008.