Mercury Marquis

I have a 1997 Grand Marquis LS, with 91,000 miles, (automatic).

I religiously have my oil changed, and just as recent as August (about 600 miles ago) had the radiator flushed. I am the second owner of this car.

I was leaking water from the front end and when I looked under the hood I noticed my coolant reservoir was almost empty, and what was in there was sludgy and orange-brown in color. I added more coolant, and in less than 25 miles it was in the same state. I checked my oil, and it was almost empty.

Is this a problem with my head gasket or is there another problem?
October 18, 2007.

If there's no actual leakage on the cooling system then you're burning it in the combustion chamber. You can tell of the white smoke coming out of the exhaust.

The same goes to your oil, no blue smoke on the back then you're leaking somewhere. If you see it back then its burning also.

You need to further investigate and comeback with your findings. You have a major problem here.

Oct 18, 2007.
If you are loosing coolant and don't see a leak, Have a radiator pressure test done, this will tell you what's going on.

Oct 18, 2007.