1995 Mercury Marquis

Brakes problem
1995 Mercury Marquis V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 144000 miles

I was wondering how to replace my brakes?
Alonzo higgins
April 23, 2009.

Front brakes
Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Disconnect and plug brake hose from caliper. Mark caliper for right or left installation reference. Remove flex brake hose from caliper. Remove caliper locating pins. Remove caliper. Note position of brake pads, shims and anti-rattle springs (if equipped), and remove components.
Apply high-temperature grease to guide pins and insulators. Install brake pads. Ensure brake pads are installed correctly. If new brake pads have been installed, seat brake caliper piston in caliper bore. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure
Removal & Installation
Remove front brake caliper and pads. If caliper does not require service, DO NOT remove brake hose from caliper.
Using mechanic's wire, secure caliper out of way. Remove rotor from hub assembly. If rotor is difficult to remove, spray rust penetrant on front and rear of rotor/hub mating surfaces.
Using a plastic hammer, strike rotor between studs. If rotor is still difficult to remove, use a 3-jawed puller. To install rotor, reverse removal procedure

Apr 27, 2009.