1992 Mercury Marquis

Engine Performance problem
1992 Mercury Marquis V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

My 92 Merc project has a new symptom. It cranks but won't light. If I stop cranking and retry, it lights right off. Well, it did, its getting worse now. Fresh reassembly on the engine, no leaks from the injectors, changed one of the crank sensors, the other will take more work to try. Fuel press, 50 PSI. Runs well once it starts (except for the other new symptom: ping/knock at low RPM and high load). Related? I suspect the MAP sensor, wherever that is located, but don't know about timing or mixture for sure. Any Ideas? Gsollenberger@hotmail. Com
March 17, 2010.

Before getting ahead to far the timing must be checked to make sure it is correct. Set it at 10 degrees don't forget to unplug the spout connector near the distributor before setting the timing. Let me know how this goes and we will go from there.

Mar 18, 2010.