1995 Mercedes Benz S500

1995 Mercedes Benz S500

Yesterday I drove 150 miles with no car problems. When I turned the ignition off and returned ten minutes later, the car would not crank or make a sound. The lights are operational and do not dim at all. A non mercedes mechanic checked the starter with a hammer while I tried to turn the key to no avail. The hammer did not become magnatized. The fuses checked out also. I am now stranded in Louisiana without a clue? Can you help me in any way with what it might be?
March 14, 2009.

Ok I would have the mechanic use a remote starter button and jump the batt wire to the solenoid wire and see if that will make it turn over. If so then turn the key on and have him start it. If this works then I would say when you get it home you should check the starter relay. Let me know how it goes.

Mar 15, 2009.