2000 Mercedes Benz CLK320

Computer problem
2000 Mercedes Benz CLK320 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 161000 miles

ESP / BAS lamp on - with " ESP Malfunction" showing on instrument panel.
Car will not accelerate so cannot be used!
Replaced TPS sensor, Brake switch replaced.
have looked at the fron ABS sensors - both gave the same outputs - so Im going to check rears - but the ends of the leads are out of site.

do you have any other ideas as to what my be causing the ESP to come on
(when you start the engine all is fine for a few seconds, then the warning / fault noise comes on - go to service etc. And with the ESP light illuminated.

Many thanks!
April 1, 2009.

If you have a go to workshop warning with an ESP lamp illuminated this is something you need to bring in to have checked. More than likely this either a conrtol unit failure of ESP control unit or you have a major sensor or component failure. The vehicle is more than likely in Limp Home mode which will explain no acceleration being allowed. You will need a MB Star Diagnostic machine in order to read the ESP control unit values so that proper diagnosis can take place. This is only available at your MB dealer.

Apr 1, 2009.
No disrespect - but taking it to a MB dealer is like giving up - not to mention that getting it there with no throttle means no uphill routes!
You mention major sensors - im working on these: steering sensor must be ok as the ABS light went on after battery reconection - but went out after steering moved lock-to-lock.
Front abs sensors checked - ok
now there are the rears, yaw sensor, there is also brake vacuum switch/ position sensor - I need some guidance on probable suspects that I can try.
Or what about a vaccum leak?
I have an OBD code reader - but only shows a pending TPS sensor which has now been replaced.
No change at all.
Can the ESP system be disabled - at least I can drive the car to a dealer!

Apr 1, 2009.
Unfortunately a generic scanner will do you no good in this situation. The issue is that the only way to read your esp module codes and values correctly is through the dealer because they have the MB Star diagnostics machine that will allow them to communicate directly with the control module. From experience ESP faults with limp home mode activated are usually control unit related. And unfortunately this can't just be replaced it has to be coded to match the vehicle which only the dealer can do. The limited ability for a generic shops to work esp system is intentional, MB makes it this way because ESP is a safety related item. I don't mean to discourage your pursuit on this issue but being MB repair shop owner, and MB factory trained tech I know these systems. In fact my shop doesn't have a MB Star Diagnostic machine and we won't work on ESP faults because of this. With that said, Yes it's sounds like your steering angle sensor is normalized. The Yaw, and brake switch wouldn't cause the acceleration lockout and an ABS sensor wouldn't cause this either. Both would set warnings but you still would be able to drive the car.
As for the TPS there is a relearn procedure when a new one is installed. With the vehicle in park and coolant between 5-100deg C, run the vehicle not pressing the throttle at all for at least 60 sec. After the vehicle has run for the allotted time turn it off for at least 10 sec. Now the TPS should be working. If you didn't complete this when you replaced it this could be your problem as this will cause no throttle response. Otherwise I would really consider what I mentioned above about ESP work.

Apr 1, 2009.