1993 Mercedes Benz 300e

Engine Performance problem
1993 Mercedes Benz 300e 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 205235 miles

In seemingly random situations my car will lose power as I go to speed up. This happens regardless of the weather temperature or how long the car has run but does not happen at startup or when first driving. It is most obvious when accelerating onto the freeway and the car will not speed up at all, but it does not die. Releasing and reapplying the throttle will sometimes help.

Most of the time the car runs fine with no symptoms and can go for weeks and long distances, 100 miles or more, with no problems.
July 22, 2010.

Thanks for your reply. Your list, however, contains so many possible items that it is of little help in finding the cause. That the car runs perfectly 99% of the time makes me think if I were to test the items listed below they could very well pass the test. Is there no way you can think of to narrow the possiblities? Your suggestion of a cap and rotor leads me to beleive you are not familar with this car model and your list is just a guess.


Jul 23, 2010.
You sure the transmission is not slipping and no its not a guess, its all possibilites here-last if it doesn't apply disregard-

To narrow it down but not promising I'll test the throttle position sensor

Jul 23, 2010.