1987 Mercedes Benz 190d

Suspension problem
1987 Mercedes Benz 190d 5 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 415000 miles

I't my fisrt time on this site! My 190D 2.5 has started to " sway" when driving on the highway.

I've been bringing it to the garage and after more then 2000$ of replacement on the supensions parts, it still has that " spongy" feeling in the back when driving. The car seems to be rolling on rubber on the rear of the car. It's very unpleasant to drive on long runs.

Does someone had the same issue and what has been done to repair? I love the car and would like to get back the driving experience this car was offering!
August 11, 2009.

I cannot imagine, who has been working on this car, and you have pay $2,000, and they have not found the problem? It is a probably the upper rear end Mount or the lower control arm bushing, have you replaced the shocks?

Dr Loot
Nov 27, 2009.