1989 Mazda RX7

Hello there I wanted to ask what is the problem if thegearbox gears are stiff ando won't go into gear it wont shift or its hard to shift, and the car overheats and starts to steam?
May 24, 2006.

I hate to be the one to tell you this but that car needs to go to the junk yard you have transmission problems and engine problems it will be difficult to find someone to work on it and it will be expensive save your money and buy a car that doesnt have an engine no one wants to work on by that I mean the rotary engine i'm sorry

May 25, 2006.
I changed tha gearoil and now it shifts good, and i've changed tha hoses of tha radiator and now it doesn't overheat anymore, so I hate 2 be the 1 to tell u this u don't know much about cars. SORRY!

May 26, 2006.