2002 Mazda Protege

Hi I have a 2002 Mazda Protege5 with 139000kms on it. We noticed the brakes were squealing so we brought it into the dealer for a brake inspection which reported that the rear brake calipers had siezed. From asking around we've been informed that this is nearly impossible with a 2002, so I'm wondering if this is true or not. As well, we had brought it in 6 months ago for an inspection and asked to have the brake pads changed but they told us it wasn't necessary as they were at 70%, so my other question iis, Is this a problem that can occur in a 6 month period and would changing th brake pads have prevented it? Thanks for any advice.
September 3, 2006.

Well if you havent had the work done already you can check yourself. If you remove the wheel that they say has a bad caliper. And remove the mounting bolts for the caliper itself there is a rubber boot on the backside that protects the caliper piston if that boot is ripped or mangled the caliper is possibly seized if you notice it isnt id get a second opinion. As for the statement its imposible for a 2002 to not have problems I do not know myself but in my expirence if it has moving parts it can and will fail at some time. Good luck : )

Sep 3, 2006.