Mazda 626

I had a very specific question and your input can help me save a good amount of $$$$.

I have a Mazda 626 (1996)LS, 4 cylinder with 112K miles on it. The car runs good. But after every 20-22 days its battery dies.I mean not exactly dies permanantly but it just doesnt work till I give it a jumpstart with a big truck or so. The moment its given a jump-start with a truck (not another car) it works fine agian.

When its working, it works perfect for about a month but when it dies, it does not even make a single sound as I trun the key for starting the car. All the indicators get shut off. Even power lock doesnt work then. I dont know what to do with this intermittent weired behavior. I got my alternator, battery, and starer checked. They are working well. What can be the potential problem.

I would appreciate your input on the same.
January 19, 2006.

I would get rid of that battery. Get a good Delco freedom or a good 100$ battery. Go to Napa or Sears get a Die Hard Hope you arent using Autozone or Walmart or Kragen That was best thing I ever did I pay little more but atleast Im not replacing my battery every 3 to 6 mos. I know you probably wont want to do this but next time it quits dont jump it have it towed to the shop and let them diagnose the problem. You dont have to have them fix if you can do the work yourself.

Jan 20, 2006.
Yes, to change a good powerful battery may help. I had a old toyata corolla. It's bettery died once a year due to the harsh winter and something wrong in the car. But also check the alternator, see if it charges the battery properly. It should offer some specific voltage when charging. I dont remember it.

Jan 21, 2006.
Another question is, do you have any aftermarket accesories on the car. Ie. Alarm, stereo, remote starter. Sometimes these things will have a small draw on the battery that will kill the battery slowly over time.

But start with the battery first.


Jan 22, 2006.
If its intermitant like you said. Check the ground cable resistance. And/or replace the ground cable when you change that battery. And if the original cable grounds to the chassis check the engine to chassis second cable. Good luck.

Jan 22, 2006.