1977 Mazda 323

Hi there

I have a mazda 323 1977 the front driver side wheel bearings have gone I was just asking does any one know how to put the new ones in.

Thanks Ryan
May 29, 2007.

1. Loosen driveaxle nut.
2. Jack up the car and remove the wheel.
3. Put a screwdriver through the caliper and in to the slots in the disc, this will stop everything from turning while you remove the hub nut.
4. Remove the caliper, the disc and the hub.
5. Using a two-jaw puller remove the bearing assembly.
6. Replace the dust seal and put the new bearing on the driveaxle.
7. Tighten until the hub and bearings are seated.
8. Put everything back together.

That is what I did with the Cavalier, I can't see it being much different.

May 29, 2007.