1999 Lincoln Town Car

Engine Cooling problem
1999 Lincoln Town Car V8 Automatic 120, 00 miles

The thermostat housing is leaking coolant; I have already replaced the O-ring, but the housing is still leaking. The only leak seams to be where the housing comes together (no leaks around hoses or bolts, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
November 10, 2008.

I just got a 1999 Lincoln Town car that had a leak so I replaced the seal and it still leaked. I cleaned the housing with a solvent and ran the motor until it got hot. Parked it and watched the housing and found that it was seeping out of a crack in the housing. These manifolds of plastic crack a lot. I put Bondo on the crack and it lasted 3, ooo miles. Then I put super glue which sealed it. Now a little leak which means a new manifold.

Dale Dupuy
Jan 4, 2010.