1998 Lincoln Town Car • 112,000 miles

The car will over heat when the a/c is turned on
October 15, 2011.

Does the cooling fan works when A/C is turned on?

Have you checked the engine coolant level?

Oct 15, 2011.
I flushed, and filled the cooling system, changed the thermostat.
Some times the cooling fan turns on with the a/c some times it does not. I believe it is an intermittent relay. I am thinking that once it heat up, it stops working. I looked in my owners manual to see the location of that relay to test it, however it appears to control the fuel pump and not the cooling fan. Maybe it comtrols multiple devices or other relays. Could you comfirm the location of the cooling fan relay. I have strong back round in Electrical. I can test the contacts and coil. Thank you. Pete

There are in fact 2 relays, one each for hig and low speeds. It is inside the relay box indicated by #24. I could not find any information on the exact location.

Oct 17, 2011.