2001 Kia Sportage

Electrical problem
2001 Kia Sportage 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 38000 miles

Alright. I have a problem child that just wont stop giving me problems. Just as my girlfriend was ready to sell this car it wont start. The battery has juice but it wont turn over. I turn the key and all the lights and radio come on. Then I try to turn it over and nothing. So I hooked a wire from the battery and touched the starter cylonoid(sp?) And it tried to start then. What could be wrong? I hear the relay wire could be bad. Maybe the started is dead. Im not sure.
April 19, 2010.


Here is something to check out first.

Take a look at the battery cables especially the Ground (-) check for corrossion at the terminal and also check the connection at the block, wouldn't hurt to remove and clean the cable ends and the area on the block with a wire brush.

After doing that try starting if still doesn't start try jump starting it. If will jump start replace battery.

FYI - Just because all electrical work fine and normally doesn't mean the battery isn't bad. Your battery can be fully charged (12.56 volts) But if the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) are low or nonexistant then it will not start.


Post results.


Apr 19, 2010.
Well I took the Battery to Advance Auto and they said it was fine, the battery was just low. They said it was my starter since I was jumping it stright off the cylinder and by passing the starter all together.

Apr 20, 2010.
Ok, did they tell you how low the battery was? And did they charge it up for you?

If not have you tried to jump start it?


Apr 21, 2010.