2002 Kia Rio

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2002 Kia Rio 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 68,000 miles

My car ran hot about 3 weeks ago. I had the water hose replaced and all the fluids replaced. When I tried to start it, it wouldnt so I had the spark plugs changed (just hd a tune up in jan). Anyway now, when I put my foot on the gas to go, ut moves about 10 miles per hour. It shifts and then I can go fast, about 35 mph. When I make a stop, I have to sart again slow, I mean barely moving, take my foot off the gas, let it shift and then I can go about 35. I wont dare try to go on the interstate! Any suggestions. Oh, it's sometimes hard to start too. I have to turn the ignition to start, put my feet on the gas and then start the car. Please help!
June 11, 2008.

Hi imnina,

Is the idling stable and can it be revved up?

Is any check light showing?

The overheating could have blown the head gasket or melted some sensors.

Jun 15, 2008.
Yes, the check engnie light is on, I had a oil change and then took it to the auto store. They said the crankshaft sensor is bad. Any advice?

Jun 16, 2008.
Hi imnina,

Yes, a faulty crank sensor can cause difficult starting and lack of power. Get it changed.

Jun 17, 2008.