1999 Jeep Cherokee

Engine Cooling problem
1999 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Start the vehicle and gauges read fine. After driving for 15 minutes or so when I come to a stop the idle works fine but when I push down on the gas pedal it will stall and the temperature gauge will drop to 100 and the engine will die. I have changed out the thermostat, temperature sensor, radiator and didn't have this problem until a couple of days ago. I try to start it immediately but have to wait about 5 minutes before it starts up and for the rest of the day it does not occur again. I did start it up one time and did smell gas but not in the engine area more from the muffler once it started.
October 8, 2010.

It sounds like you are losing spark. Have you checked the crank sensor? Wiring to it? Has the check engine light ever come on?

I did and it was code 0118 which identified it as the thermostat sensor which is on the thermostat casing. I had changed it out twice, but since it gave me the warning I will change it out again. I did run yesterday waiting for the problem to arise any minute, lol, but it did not. One employee at the auto store mentioned the connector to the sensor would be worn out. I will check out the crank sensor as suggested.

Oct 11, 2010.
Let me know what happens. If the temp sensor is bad, the computer may screw up the air fuel mixture.

Replaced the sensor it worked; another problem I had was the electrical a/c fan which would come on sometimes and sometimes not. I removed it and cleaned the contact ends and sprayed some wd-4o inside the fan's motor. I started the engine and let it run and turned on the a/c and the fan turned on. I then turned the a/c off to see if the fan would kick on to prevent the radiator from overheating and it did. Ran it for 30 minutes and all worked fine.
Started it this morning after running around for 30 minutes the temperature increased and the I pulled over to check the fan, it was not working so I turned on the a/c and it didnt turn on. I have changed out the a/c relay the fan relay and checked the wiring of the fan. Could the fan's motor be the problem.

Oct 12, 2010.
If it works sometimes, chances are the fan is okay. Did you replace the sending unit? Fan relay?

Yes I have, in one day I replaced the a/c fan relay (located behind the passenger headlight), the a/c relay located in the engine compartment, thermostat, temperature sensor and checked fuses. I have checked all wiring and its fine I just can't figure it out. I did notice a connector on the a/c line that is next to the radiator and next to the high pressure service port. The part looks just like the temperature sensor, but I can't tell if I can unscrew it. Not sure what this sensor does but could it be part of the fan problem?

Oct 13, 2010.