1997 Jeep Cherokee

Electrical problem
1997 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 170, 00 miles

My jeep all of a sudden wouldn't start the battery was good and we thought it was the fuel pump. We replaced that and it still won't work. There is no power getting to the coil, distributer. We have been told by several people that it could be an asd relay. Any ideas of the problem please
May 24, 2010.

The asd relay or circuits could be a possibility? Have you tried checking for possible mil codes?

The dark green wire with orange tracer is primary voltage to the coil. That wire should be hot with engine cranking.

Try this to check for mil codes. When cycling the key, you don't crank it, just turn till dash lites come on.

May 24, 2010.